Suburbanites felt close to their local police departments

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The Suburban Newspaper, Aug. 15, 2012 – Click to enlarge


Hampstead honours the memory of Mayor Irving Adessky

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The Town of Hampstead rededicated their main park chalet in the memory of longtime Mayor Irving Adessky this week.  Adessky served on Hampstead Council for some 35 years, 27 of them as mayor.  A Hampstead icon, the popular Adessky passed away nearly two years ago.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Mark Adessky reminisced how town’s folk would visit the family home routinely to discuss issues of importance and to seek assistance from the mayor.  He remembered how his father would drive around the town each morning taking note of whatever needed fixing and would promptly send out crews to make the repairs.

Irving Adessky presided over the town during its expansion on what used to be a 9-hole golf course north of Fleet.  He served for many years on the Montreal Urban Community security commission and was one of the longest serving mayors on the Island of Montreal.

Mayor William Steinberg welcomed current and former Hampstead Town Councillors as well as Cote Saint-Luc City Councillors (pictured below), Lachine Borough Mayor Claude Dauphin and Pointe Claire Mayor Bill McMurchie.  Family and friends also attended along with Town staff and other invited guests.

Irving Adessky will be remembered as a pillar in his community and a builder of his town.  He was prudent, personable and proud.  It is most fitting that his memory be captured in perpetuity in the official dedication of this central meeting place in the town.

Local government officials present to honour the memory of Mayor Irving Adessky include: (left to right) Cllr. Steven Erdelyi, Fmr. Cllr. Barbara Seal, Cllrs. Allan Levine, Glenn J. Nashen, Ruth Kovac, Mike Cohen, Bonnie Feigenbaum, Mayor Claude Dauphin, Cllrs. Abe Gonshor and Michael Goldwax.

Remembering Vera

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How very sad to have learned the news of the passing of Vera Danyluk, former Mayor of the Town of Mount-Royal.  I met Vera in the late 1980s when she was serving in her first term in TMR.  I was seeking support for the recognition of Paramedics, and Vera as she was known, straight to the point, was a solid supporter. 

A few years later I was elected to Council and in 1991 attended a week of training for elected officials, along with Vera, and fellow Councillor Ruth Kovac, at the Emergency Preparedness College of Canada in Arnprior.  Ruth and I learned about Vera’s passion for public safety and deep devotion for the municipal sector. We learned about disaster planning together, we had time to discuss many issues and to get to know Vera during meals throughout that week.

A couple of years later Vera became the first chairwoman  of the Montreal Urban Community.  She served as a role model to Ruth, owing to her very important role as a female political leader, and to me, as a local personality dedicated to safety issues.

We crossed paths so may times over the years at various city related events and conferences.  Vera always gave me a warm welcome and had time to chat with me about our shared interests in safety, paramedics, Urgences Santé and so much more. She spoke fondly about her husband and son and boasted with pride about her son’s service in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Vera also found time to collect thousands of stuffed animals to ship to our soldiers to give out to children in Afghanistan.  

I found her to be kind and caring, well beyond her political duties.  Vera always had something nice to say and seldom, if ever, a bad word.  She was a positive thinker and very inspirational.

Vera leaves us much too soon and while she will be missed, her lessons and passion will carry on for so many in the municipal world. On behalf of my constituents, I extend condolences to her family.

Slowing the rate of speed, digital signs

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Slowing the rate of speed, digital signs, Gazette, 2000-07-25

Cities Y2K ready and waiting, Gazette

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Abolish Urgences Santé

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Cities should run ambulance services, Gazette Op-Ed

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