Gazette editorial: Let life-savers save


1988-03-28 Gazette Let life-savers save

Conference of Suburban Mayors endorses paramedics, CSL opposes flouridation

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1988-03-23 flouridation, paramedics Suburban Newspaper

Westmount supports paramedics

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1988-03-10 Westmount supports paramedics

Paramedic quest will need outside support

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1988-01-24 Paramedic quest will need outside support1, Suburban

Recognition of paramedics in Quebec may be closer to reality

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1988-01-24 Recognition of paramedics closer, Suburban

Paramedic quest will need outside support says DDO mayor

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1988-02-24 Suburban DDO Paramedics

Paramedics must be accepted, Leckner says

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1988-02-17 Paramedics must be accepted, The Chronicle

Editorial: A push for paramedics

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1988-02-17 Editorial A push for Paramedics, The Chronicle

DDO may push for paramedics

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Click here for a PDF of the article:  DDO paramedics 1988-01-27

D.D.O may push for paramedics, EMTs prominent in ’87

By LAWRENCE SEVERS, The Suburban Newspaper, January 27, 1988

Dollard des Ormeaux, in the forefront of providing residents with superior emergency medical service, may soon put pressure on Quebec in an attempt to make it legal for paramedics to practice in the province.

Since 1980, a majority of Dollard’s firefighters have been trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). EMTs provide first level medical intervention (advanced first aid) and are usually on the scene before Urgences-Sante personnel arrive. In 1987, just over half of the 1,100 calls to Dollard’s fire department were for EMT assistance, according to Fire Director Georges Villemaire.

Eighteen of Dollard’s 24 firefighters have EMT training. And over the past few years the requirement has been mandatory for those seeking to join the force. If not taken beforehand, new personnel are required to take the training as soon as possible.

Dollard des Ormeaux Councillor Rick Leckner pushed strongly for the EMT program and says while it costs the town a few extra dollars, “it’s an insignificant amount of money for a very significant service.”

The EMTs still play a major role even though they’re restricted in their powers. Leckner points out that Urgences-Sante is not always on the scene within the four-minute period they strive for.

However, an EMT on the scene can isolate the problem and play a key role in stabiling the individual while the ambulance is on its way, with the stabilization playing a vital role in pre-hospital care.

According to Villemaire, the EMT can provide mouth to mouth, administer oxygen or give a heart massage in the case of a heart attack. But that’s where the care stops. And this is what concerns Cote Saint Luc resident Glenn Nashen, who is attempting to convince Quebec to change its rules and allow paramedics to practice.

Nashen feels paramedics could generally be on the scene before Urgences-Sante doctors.  This he claims would save more lives as the first few minutes in a serious medical emergency are the most crucial. Nashen, who already has the support of Cote Saint Luc, Hampstead, Ponte Claire and Montreal West councils, is hoping to add Dollard and others to the list.

Leckner said he is prepared to bring Nashen’s proposal to council and speculated it could be put on the agenda for the February meeting.

One of Dollard’s firefighters is already trained as a paramedic but he can’t practice. Quebec feels the current system, a combination of Urgences-Sante ambulances and strategically stationed Urgences-Sante doctors. on call on the road is the better system.

CSL residents urges municipalities to support paramedics

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1988-01-12 support paramedics (The Monitor)

CSL resident urges municipalities to support paramedics

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1988-01-12 CSL resident urges support of paramedics, The Monitor

CSL resident urges municipalities to support paramedics

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1988-01-12 Suburban CSL resident urges municipalities to support paramedics

Gold supports recognition of paramedics

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St. Laurent Councillor Peter Gold has urged his colleagues to adopt a resolution supporting the recognition of qualified paramedical training of ambulance technicians in Quebec…

1987-10-07 VSL Gold supports paramedics (Suburban, Oct. 7, 1987)

Ambulance technician has charge of illegally giving injection dropped

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Read it here: Ambulance tech’s charges dropped, Gazette, 1987-09-04

Letters to the editor regarding paramedics

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Montreal Gazette, Sept. 8, 1987

Montreal Gazette, Sept. 2, 1987

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