Kildare-Shalom intersection made safer


Kildare – Shalom intersection made safer for motorists and pedestrians

The beautiful flowers on the median of Kildare Road were so spectacular this summer that some motorists had trouble keeping their eyes on the road. Indeed, the heavy rainfalls this season made the vegetation and floral arrangements grow much more than in an average season and blocked the view for motorists trying to negotiate the intersection at Kildare and Shalom.

Less flowers right at the corner mean easier view across the road at Kildare and Shalom

Thanks to our dedicated managers and crews at Public Works  a few changes were made last week to help with visibility – and obstructions – at the intersection.

First, the vegetation was removed from the corner approximately 15 feet east and west of the intersection.

Easier to say across the street. Kildare at Shalom.

Second, the soil was removed and concrete was poured to create a pad where pedestrians could safely stand and wait to cross.

Third, a sign will be installed advising drivers to slow down.

We will also place the radar trailer at this intersection to sensitize drivers of their speed.

Next year we will plant shorter species of flowers allowing for increased visibility at the intersection.

We are also looking into painting a crosswalk as a visible means to slow traffic.

“Flowers have always been planted along Kildare year after year and this year they look exceptionally great,” said Public Works manager John Monteiro.

I thank John and his staff for this excellent service. Several residents approached me about the problem of obscured line of sight trying to drive through this intersection. I contacted John and he quickly resolved the problem and made the entire area safer for motorists and pedestrians. I’m very appreciative of a job well done and a safer Cote Saint-Luc.


Ville Fleurie Winners

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Congratulations to Hilda Roiter of Shalom Avenue, 1st prize winner in the 2009 Ville Fleurie contest for single family and semi-detached homes in District 6.

2nd prize winner was Dr. Bernard Tonchin of Cork Avenue.  Bernie and Dorothy Tonchin are originals from Cork Ave when I was growing up on that block.  He has been a regular at our council meetings for years.

Ville Fleurie winner

1st prize winner Hilda Roiter from Shalom Avenue with Councillor Glenn J. Nashen

In a funny twist of irony, the 3rd prize winner was one of my political adversaries in the current election campaign, Mrs. Sonia Peillon.  In presenting Mr. Peillon with the laminated photo of their lovely garden I couldn’t help but mentioning that Sonia’s election lawn sign was missing!

Personal delivery of the award to 2nd prize winner Bernie Tonchin of Cork Avenue

Personal delivery of the award to 2nd prize winner Bernie Tonchin of Cork Avenue

The 1st prize for seniors residences was the Griffith McConnell Residence on Parkhaven.

Congratulations to all of the winners and participants alike.  They really help to make Cote Saint-Luc the very beautiful City that it is.

2009-10-26 Ville Fleurie Alberto Cambone001

One of the most beautiful gardens in the city is that of longtime resident Alberto Cambone

On the campaign trail – Day 19 – Shalom Ave, Simchat Torah festival

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Shalom Avenue was the latest stop on the campaign tour. Earlier this year I was contacted by the president and administration of the Shalom Towers on Norwalk (corner of Shalom). They were concerned about the difficulty in exiting from Shalom onto Kildare.  I met them along with CSL Traffic Engineer Charles Senekal. Within a short period lines were painted, signs were moved, bushes were cut down and traffic was flowing smoothly at Shalom and Kildare.

Glenn kibbitz's with Chazzan Yitchak Rosenberg of Beth Zion Congregation

Glenn kibbitz's with Chazzan Yitchak Rosenberg of Beth Zion Congregation (Photo: David Menachem)

After knocking on doors we headed over to Pierre Elliott Trudeau Park for Beth Chabad CSL’s annual Simchat Torah Beth Hashoeva Concert. Inspired by Rabbi Mendel Raskin and his team, the event attracted a large crowd. Rabbi Raskin welcomed me, Mayor Anthony Housefather and Councillors Mike Cohen, Steven Erdelyi and Allan J. Levine to the stage. The mayor gave greetings and Rabbi Cohen asked for support in returning the three of us in election mode back for another term in office.

Glenn and Rabbi Raphael Afilalo in discussion

Glenn and Rabbi Raphael Afilalo in discussion (Photo: David Menachem)

Performers Avraham Fried and Yossi Bayles had everyone dancing horas. 

26 days to go…


Avenue Shalom était le dernier arrêt sur la tournée de campagne. Plus tôt cette année, j’ai été contacté par le président et l’administration de Shalom Towers sur Norwalk (au coin de Shalom). Ils étaient préoccupés par la difficulté à sortir de Shalom sur Kildare. Je les ai rencontrés le long de la circulation avec CSL ingénieur Charles Senekal. Des lignes ont été peints, les panneaux ont été déplacés, des buissons ont été coupés et la circulation était fluide à Shalom et Kildare.

Après avoir frappé à toutes les portes nous nous sommes dirigés vers Parc Pierre Elliott  Trudeau pour le festival annuel Sim’hat Torah Beth Chabad CSL Beth Hashoeva. Inspiré par le rabbin Mendel Raskin et son équipe, l’événement a attiré une foule nombreuse. Le rabbin Raskin m’avez accueilli à la scène avec le maire Anthony Housefather et conseillés Mike Cohen, Steven Erdelyi et Allan J. Levine . Le maire a donné salutations et le rabbin Cohen a demandé l’appui de la communauté de retourner les trois d’entre nous dans le mode d’élection pour un autre mandat.

Hag Sameach!

26 jours à partir …

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Press Release

Recycling Insufficient in CSL

Nashen Urges CSL to Expand Recycling Program
Cote Saint-Luc, May 19, 2005:  Former Cote Saint-Luc Councillor Glenn J. Nashen called upon Cote Saint-Luc to expand its recycling program to include all residences. Currently, the blue box recycling program benefits single-family homes and multi-family dwellings with less than six residences.

“If there was one program that could have been improved through the mergers it is the recycling program,” said Nashen. “I had hoped they would have had a high standard of recycling across the Island but absolutely nothing improved for us,” Nashen added, as yet another example of the failed merger.

Nashen is calling upon the borough to improve the situation. “All taxpayers are paying for this service yet a significant number do not benefit whatsoever,” Nashen said. “I personally deliver my recyclables regularly to the dumpster in the Cavendish Mall parking lot, yet the last four trips they were overflowing with garbage strewn about and blowing around the lot,” he added. “This is hardly an incentive to residents of condos and apartments to recycle.”

Nashen has spoken to Norwalk Road and Shalom Ave residents who are upset with the eyesore and with the blowing garbage and has indicated that he will continue to push for expanded recycling for condos, apartments and others who pay but receive no service in this area.

Nashen served on Cote Saint-Luc City Council from 1990 until the merger in 2002, was a co-chair of the Cote Saint-Luc Demerger Committee and is a candidate for the November 6 election in Cote Saint-Luc’s District 6.