Railway fire and explosions rock Cote Saint-Luc in Tabletop Exercise

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Emergency service leaders, city service directors, elected officials and community partners ‘raced’ to Cote Saint-Luc City Hall’s Emergency Operations Centre Thursday morning for a mock rail disaster. The exercise was coordinated by Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson in conjunction with Montreal Agglomeration’s Public Safety Centre.

The live action exercise included Montreal agglomeration police and fire services, Urgences Santé ambulance services, CP Police, West-Central Montreal Health, Federation CJA’s community security branch along with all services in the city of CSL.

CSL Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson oversees the Emergency Operations Centre

The scenario involved an overnight train derailment that resulted in a fire and explosion, just east of the Westminster underpass, affecting 250 residents requiring immediate evacuation. Water and electricity was cut off. City personnel established an evacuation centre at the aquatic and community centre on Parkhaven at Mackle. Reichson gave orders to all service directors to huddle and coordinate with their first responders and personnel.

As city councillor responsible for emergency preparedness I can attest that it is evident why CSL is renowned for its level of readiness. The ongoing training, testing and preparing are well worth the investment in time and resources.

Police Commander Jean O’Malley confers with Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson. Executive Assistant Tammy McEwan keeps tabs on all decisions.

In this mock scenario I served as official spokesperson for the city in partnership with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, and neighboring municipalities and boroughs. A mock press conference was set up to inform our residents.

Several issues arose for the members of the Emergency Operations Centre to deal with on an urgent basis including diminished air quality, wind direction, sheltering of animals, providing kosher and non-kosher food, evacuation of mobility reduced residents and babies, registering residents willing to take in evacuees, distribution of drinking water and more.

Director Jordy Reichson consults with Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen

Participants dealt with a spreading power outage affecting the whole city. Traffic lights were out. Expectations were two days to restore all to normal.

The three hour scenario demonstrated the participant’s ease in dealing with unraveling urgent situations and in collaborating around the table to ensure the safety of our residents. Discussions, swinging back and forth effortlessly in French and English, flowed smoothly and in a spirit if great cooperation.

Montreal Fire Department Division Chief Martin Ferland and Police Commander Jean O’Malley update the leaders in the Cote Saint-Luc Emergency Operations Centre

Cote Saint-Luc residents can take pride in knowing that their emergency, city and community services along with mayor and councillors hold these exercises from time to time and place such a high priority in testing their skills and readiness. Through these exercises improvements and adjustments can be made, professional skills developed and relationships enhanced to be well prepared for the real deal.

On behalf of our residents, thank you to our dedicated leaders around the tabletop mock disaster. Your commitment to emergency services and to our residents and community is exemplary and greatly appreciated. Thank you to Sid-Ali Talbi of Centre de sécurité civile de Montréal and CSL Public Safety Chief Philippe Chateauvert and kudos to Jordy Reichson for his leadership in orchestrating a successful demonstration and return to normalcy for our city.

Councillor Ruth Kovac and I have been involved in emergency preparedness in Cote Saint-Luc for 36 years. I was involved in EMO in the 1987 floods and we both participated in leading city services in the 1998 Ice Storm and in preparation for Y2K. We’ve taken part in many exercises over the years and we were very impressed in how these leaders came together to deal with a sudden, life-threatening crisis in a calm and professional manner.

We’re in good hands in Cote Saint-Luc!

For more information on emergency preparedness in Cote Saint-Luc and to learn what you can do to better prepare your own family please visit the CSL Emergency Preparedness page here or GetPrepared.ca.


Couple cons their way into senior’s home

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March 24, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

March 24, 2015 | Free Press | Click to enlarge

Coffee With A Cop campaign connects police with residents

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Bravo et felicitations to Station 9 Commander Marc Cournoyer and his police officers for this marvelous initiative.

Bringing the police closer to the community and interacting with residents is a positive and progressive strategy. This has been Cournoyer’s objective since he took the command of our local Neighbourhood Police Station.

Together with longtime outreach officer Vincent DeAngelis they have their finger on the pulse of the local citizenry and are better equipped to serve the needs of residents.

It is no wonder, that with excellent professionals in public safety, working hand in hand with local resources and volunteers in creative programs such as ‘Coffee with a Cop’ that criminality across Cote Saint-Luc continues to decline.


Coffee With A Cop campaign connects Montreal police with residents – Montreal | Globalnews.ca.

Neighbourhood Police Bike Patrol launched in Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West

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Police officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron suited up for two-wheeled patrol

Police officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron suited up for two-wheeled patrol

The 2014 summer season is officially underway for the bike patrol team from Neighbourhood Police Station #9 (also known as PDQ 9).

Socio-community agent Marie-Christine Norbert reports that residents of the area served by PDQ 9 will see officers Elyanne Caouette and Josée Bergeron this summer as they cycle on the streets and in the parks of Hampstead, Côte Saint -Luc and Montreal West. The bike patrollers can intervene in any situation just as the officers in vehicles do. This will increase police response to the population, whether the officer is on foot patrol, on bicycle or in a patrol car. This will ensure and improve the safety of citizens.

Officers will also be present in prevention activities , such ” Geni – Bike ” in the various parks and day camps during the summer and the various activities of community-based prevention . Their focus will be on youth and seniors in the PDQ 9 area.

“Project Number” is also being launched to prevent bike theft. The bike patrollers will be available to engrave residents’ bicycles for free to help prevent the theft of bicycles. To do this, you must make an appointment with them by calling the 514 796-7813.

And here are a few tips from the police to help prevent bicycle theft:

  • Always lock your bike to a solid post with a good lock
  • When you lock your bike, if your front wheel is equipped with a lever to remove it quickly, remove and lock it to your rear wheel and the frame
  • Avoid leaving your bike locked in the same place on consecutive days without supervision
  • Take note of the characteristics of your bike, ie: brand, model, style, number of speeds, color, year manufacture, serial number and any other features

And please remember that Cote Saint-Luc’s bike helmet law makes it mandatory for cyclists we protect their heads! Wear a helmet!

New commander looks to listen to the people

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Free Press. Nov. 19, 2013. Click to enlarge.

Free Press. Nov. 19, 2013. Click to enlarge.

New police commander meets with council

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Police Commander Marc Cournoyer and Lieutenant J.P. Theoret meet with CSL City Council

Police Commander Marc Cournoyer and Lieutenant J.P. Theoret meet with CSL City Council

As I make my way across District 6, having started my door to door campaign in late August, some residents have concerns related to traffic safety, particularly in school zones. Clearly there is a need for police surveillance in these critical places where our children are vulnerable crossing the street.
This evening council met with Police Station 9‘s new commander, Marc Cournoyer and Lieutenant J.P. Theoret.
While I met the commander early on, in my capacity as councillor responsible for public safety this was a good opportunity for each member of council to speak about the particular safety issues in his or her district. Commander Cournoyer and Lt. Theoret took copious notes on all of our concerns and promised to loo into there issues.
I asked the commander to ensure that his officers were more visible on our streets and stopped conducting speed traps in low priority areas rather than where this really counts, in school zones and next to playgrounds. I also raised the issue of surveillance around our parks and playgrounds and said the police will have great cooperation from our public security agents and vCOP members.
We also spoke about the busy corner of Cavendish Boulevard and Kildare Road, asking for his evaluation about automobile and pedestrian traffic.
Lt. Theoret has been with Station 9 for three years and previously worked with Commander Cournoyer in St. Laurent.   He also has a number of key staff who have served the community for many years.
I will personally be assisting the new commander in meeting community leaders throughout Cote Saint-Luc in order to better understand our community.
(With contribution from Cllr. Mike Cohen)

Three cities thank Commander Bissonnette

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The mayors and many councillors of the cities of Cote Saint-Luc, Hampstead and Montreal West held a small reception to honour and thank outgoing Police Commander Sylvain Bissonnette. Bissonnette wrapped up his duties at Neighbourhood Station 9 last week and moved over to head up Station 8 in Lachine.

CSL Council thanks Commander Sylvain Bissonnette for his outstanding service

CSL Council thanks Commander Sylvain Bissonnette for his outstanding service

Mayor Anthony Housefather thanked Bissonnette for his exemplary service saying he will leave big shoes to fill.

As councillor responsible for public safety, I met and spoke to Commander Bissonnette quite often. He showed great understanding and sensitivity to not only the Jewish community but the greater community, its multicultural characteristics, and to our seniors.

His co-operation with city officials was exemplary. I’ve worked with many station commanders, and I’m saddened to lose him. He’s an outstanding leader.

Bissonnette’s encouragement and assistance in the launching of the volunteer Citizens’ on Patrol about six years ago was fantastic. Bissonnette recognized that vCOP is an asset, not a hindrance, to the work of the police. He was a partner in this project from day one, helping with the planning and training. It’s in great part due to his vision and willingness that Cote Saint-Luc has the lowest crime rate in the Montreal agglomeration.


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