Photo of the Week #10: A Symbol of Loss

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This week’s photo shows the flag outside Fire Station 78 at half mast in honour of firefighter Thierry Godfrind who was laid to rest earlier the same day in a civic funeral.

The sun is beginning to set on a sad day while the flowers out front and the lowered flag catch the last lights.

The tradition of flying the flag at half-mast began in Canada in 1612 and continues to this day, around the world, as a symbol of mourning and honouring the dead.


Sad farewell to a fallen firefighter

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Montreal firefighter Thierry Godfrind who fell in the line of duty last Friday

A civic funeral will be held today at the Notre-Dame Basilica for a Montreal firefigher who died last week after he was struck by a fire truck.  Thierry Godfrind, 39, died Friday while responding to a call in the St-Laurent borough.  At the time, firefighters were responding to a call at a residential building.

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Godfrind is the first firefighter to die on the job in Montreal since 2006.

Being a firefighter is far from an easy job.  The training in arduous and the risks are great.  Each call brings a new challenge, a new risk.  Montreal firefighters are at the service of all residents of the City of Montreal and the suburban municipalities, such as Cote Saint-Luc as well as all who work and visit the Montreal Agglomeration. Each of them serves with compassion and devotion and for that they have my appreciation and respect.

I wish to publicly express my sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Thierry Godfrind.  A loss like this affects our community and my constituents share in the grief and sadness.

Our own local emergency responders including our Emergency Medical Services volunteers, volunteer Citizens on Patrol and Public Security agents work side by side with the Montreal firefighters from Station 78 on Cote Saint-Luc Road and other stations.  As such they too share in the pain at the loss of a fellow emergency responder. I am proud that these local volunteers and professionals will attend the civic funeral today under the leadership of Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson and Chief Jerome Pontbriand representing the City of Cote Saint-Luc.