CSL allows cyclists on underpass sidewalks

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Free Press. May 27, 2014.  Click to enlarge.

Free Press. May 27, 2014. Click to enlarge.

CP Rail security enhanced in CSL


CP track maintenance entrance above Cavendish underpass

CP track maintenance entrance above Cavendish underpass

Last week CP Rail replaced several of the evacuation route fences and gates.  Many of these gates were in disrepair, falling over, or not closing tightly posing a security risk to potential trespassers.

Evacuation route exit behind Mount Sinai hospital

Evacuation route exit behind Mount Sinai hospital

Thanks to this repair work these locations are now safer and more difficult to trespass. Parents should warn their children to never enter the rail yards or gated rail lines. While pedestrian accidents in this area are extremely rare children must be reminded of the extreme danger and potential injuries or even death that could occur from a mishap in this off-limit zone.

A serious mishap occurred along the Wavell-Baily track in the late 1960s when a youngster breached the fence to cross over.

No space for kids or teens to squeeze through at Westminster evacuation gates

No space for kids or teens to squeeze through at Westminster evacuation gates

The evacuation routes and emergency gates are part of Cote Saint-Luc’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. In the event of a disaster emergency personnel could direct residents to leave the vicinity via one of these routes. In the late 1980s and early 2000s heavy flooding forced the closure of the Westminster and Cavendish underpasses, respectively, and emergency personnel used the gates to respond northbound across the tracks. Since then the pump station have been upgraded and no flooding has recurred.

2014 has been designated by Cote Saint-Luc City Council as Emergency Preparedness year with great focus on emergency planning, disaster readiness, training of city staff, educating the public. An emergency notification system for all residents will roll out this summer.

Additional reporting and photos by Lewis Cohen


CSL approves inspection of underpasses

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The Suburban, Joel Goldenberg, August 29, 2012

Côte St. Luc awarded a contract for the inspection and, if needed, eventual repair of the city’s three underpasses, to make sure they are safe. The underpasses are on Cavendish Blvd, Westminster Avenue and Côte St. Luc Road.

Councillor Steven Erdelyi, in charge of the public works portfolio, said the process will take several steps. “The first step is going to be to inspect the three underpasses, as per the Quebec Ministry of Transport’s specifications,” he explained. “The second part is to prepare all the drawings and the specifications, and then preparing a tender for a contractor who will perform the actual repair work – in the meantime, right now, it’s for Cavendish only. The work should be done next year. Obviously, we have to wait to see how the report comes in. “From previous reports, the evaluations were good, but obviously we always want to err on the side of caution. We hope the underpasses are in good condition.”

Councillor Dida Berku said the contract for the work is significant. “As you know, there’s been a lot of issues with infrastructure on the island of Montreal, and so we just want to be sure and give the public the assurance that we’re inspecting all our underpasses and roads, and everything is conforming,” she added.

CSL’s new pumps prevented flooding

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CSL’s new pumps prevented flooding: Erdelyi
Joel Goldenberg
28 July, 2010
The Suburban

Côte St. Luc’s new pumps stations at the Cavendish Blvd. and Westminster Avenue underpasses prevented flooding after a recent intense rainstorm, councillor Steven Erdelyi told the July city council meeting.

In previous years, intense rains caused floods at the underpasses in recent years, and especially in summer 1987, when much of the island and numerous were flooded. The rain that year brought focus on the need for another access route out of Côte St. Luc.

Councillor Steven Erdelyi

Erdelyi pointed out that an intense rainstorm took place Friday July 9, which did lead to flooding in locations like the L’Acadie underpass.

“In a matter of 25 minutes, the city received 62 mm of rain, which is a huge amount for such a small period of time” the councillor explained. “The nice thing is that the new pump stations at the Cavendish and Westminster underpasses, built in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

“The new pumps both performed as expected and there was not even a moment where we had any water blocking either of the underpasses. This was money well spent and it prevented any situation where we could have had residents cut off from the rest of the island. I’m happy to report this.”

Erdelyi also said Côte St. Luc has relined 8.1 percent of its pipes to prevent breaks, which have been a common occurrence during winters in the past several years.

“This year, we’ll be doing 10 more sections, and I believe we are the leader on the island and possibly the province with the percentage of our pipes we are relining. This will add roughly 50 years to their life and an estimated cost reduction of almost $30,000 in the amount of water otherwise wasted because of pipes cracking.”