How will we recognize police without clown pants?

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Montreal police dressed in militia gear blocking city hall doors (Source: Sun Media)

Montreal police dressed in militia gear blocking city hall doors (Source: Sun Media)

Police who continue to sport camouflage pants on duty could face fines of $500 to $3,000 for each day they wear them under new legislation proposed by the Liberal government, reports the Montreal Gazette.

After three useless, sad years of vandalism of police cars (and fire trucks and ambulances with union stickers) and wearing camouflage and clown pants, the government has finally awoken to put an end to this lawless fashion flap.

I said early on that it was not fair to claw back on pensions that were already agreed to and that any changes ought to affect new officers or else be renegotiated within their collective agreements.


Montreal Police in camouflage pants (Photo: McGill Daily)


Forget that there are so many police officers earning in excess of $100,000 per year and the time-and-a-half pay for standing at intersections pushing traffic buttons, three times the going rate for trained civilians. These folks put their lives on the line, after-all, to protect us and deserve to be reasonably well paid for doing so. And they normally deserve our respect and appreciation.

But, their protest have gone much too far. Three years were three years too long.

They also should have no right to deface their patrol cars. Same for the firefighters and Urgences Santé ambulance technicians. This is public property and no one has the right to cause such damage without penalty. If you did it you’d be held accountable. Why not them?
These public safety professionals have caused immeasurable harm to their own brand. They have lost respect from the public they serve. People laughed at first the they ignored the outlandish uniforms altogether. How sad.
What kind of a message was that for our children? Shameful, I say.
And the proposed legislation doesn’t go far enough. What about the cars and trucks and ambulances?  What about our firefighters and ambulance techs? And what about our local public security forces? Hopefully these folks will finally understand it’s time to pull up their pants – their uniform pants – and start off their next shift while putting their best foot forward. It’s time to earn back the respect they lost.

Montreal Police officers in “clown” pants. (Photo:


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Montreal Police to get new, dark uniforms




The Montreal Police Department is fading to black.  Well, at least their shirts are.  After decades of a lighter, softer look, the force is conforming to the growing trend cross Canadian police departments by sporting dark, blue-black uniform shirts.

There was a time when most police departments across Quebec outfitted their cops in the light blue shirt (white for top brass).  Personally, I find the lighter hues to be friendlier and approachable.  I particularly despise the Quebec Police Force (Surete du Quebec) khaki uniform which looks very paramilitary and gives the wrong first impression of our dedicated and professional uniformed officers.

The new black shirts for the Montreal Police Department might make our officers, Montreal’s Finest, look like their counterparts from big American cities.  A little too scary from my perspective given that Montreal’s crime rates are lower than large American cities or Toronto.

To their credit the Police Department asserts that, “Our philosophy does not change. We remain a community police department. Our officers are mandated to be in their community and to get closer to the people and the colour of the uniform does not in any way change our approach”.  That’s the most important thing and I appreciate that they hold this philosophy at the heart of their mission.

Regardless of the colour of their shirt the Montreal Police Department  must stick by their motto, “Proud to serve you”.