While ambulance response times are reportedly too slow, Cote Saint-Luc Emergency Medical Services first responders arrive in a flash

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While the headline in today’s Journal de Quebec screams of unacceptable delays in ambulance response time, Cote Saint-Lucers should be mighty proud of their life-saving EMS First Responder Service.

From 2005 to 2015, twenty coroner reports have focused on unacceptable response time, often because of the lack of vehicles, the Journal reports.

By comparison, we are so fortunate to have the incredible dedicated and skilled volunteers at EMS to buffer us from this sad reality in Quebec. They respond in a flash, often averaging just three minutes.

Let’s celebrate CSL EMS and its incredible volunteers, especially during this National EMS Week. When you see the white, red and blue EMS First Responders in CSL, wave, give a thumbs up or blow a kiss! If you’re in line with them at Tim Horton’s, buy them a coffee. Let our volunteers know how much they are appreciated. And please leave a comment on this posting to give encouragement to our local life-savers.

vCOP wants you!

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Looking to make a rewarding and fulfilling contribution to your community? Do you have at least six hours a month to an essential community service? Want to be surrounded by outgoing, friendly CSL residents who are committed to their city, generous with their time and looking forward to helping you succeed as a new recruit? Please join us on April 25. vCOP est un organisme communautaire et bilingue.

For more information search “vCOP” on this blog.

CSL celebrates its amazing volunteers

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Congratulations to all of our extraordinary Cote Saint-Luc volunteers who were recently feted at the Cineplex Odeon in the Cavendish Mall. Hundreds of volunteers were present for a unique video presentation introducing each of the winners from every sphere of life in our city.

Cote Saint-Luc has been blessed with a rich sense of volunteerism for over 50 years. Whether its in sports and recreation, culture and leisure or public safety, Cote Saint-Luc is a wonderful place to live in large part because of the generosity of spirit, time and activity offered by so many hundreds of residents all year long.

As a long time volunteer myself, getting involved in the Emergency Measures Organization back in 1979, I can easily relate to our volunteers, of any age, and understand just how enjoyable and rewarding it is to get involved and to give back to one’s community.

A special shout out to the incredible, outstanding life-savers at EMS and to our dedicated members of vCOP.

A million thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers,

Thank you to all our fantastic volunteers

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Thank you to the volunteers who donate their time, experience and know-how to help make our city run. Whether you coach our sports teams, deliver books to shut-ins, respond to medical emergencies, patrol our streets and parks or volunteer in dozens of other activities large and small, you make a profound difference to the people of Côte Saint-Luc.

Merci.  Thank you.

vCOP mission: To see and be seen

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Free Press. April 4, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Free Press. April 4, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Are you ready for vCOP?

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2010-04-02 First vCOP Scooter Patrol 004The City of Côte Saint-Luc is looking for new recruits and will be holding an information session on Tuesday, April 8 at 7pm at the Harold Greenspon Auditorium at Côte Saint-Luc City Hall (5801 Cavendish Blvd.).

Prospective volunteers should be residents age 18 or older. They should bring identification and a completed copy of the application form available at CoteSaintLuc.org/en/vcop. There is a one-time membership fee of $75 and volunteers are required to make a minimum commitment of six hours per month.

Since its inception in July 2006, vCOP volunteers have worked alongside public security, police, fire and EMS services to add to Côte Saint-Luc’s substantial safety initiatives and have logged in close to 40,000 hours.


More than 75 volunteers patrol the streets of Côte Saint-Luc in marked vCOP vans, scooters, on foot and on bicycles. The volunteers notify local agencies about emergency and non-emergency situations as they act as observers throughout the community. Volunteer patrollers also help out at all community events, check smoke detectors in homes in partnership with the fire department and assist with residents at major fires and other large incidents.

“I’d like to encourage residents to come to our meeting and find out first-hand what our volunteer patrollers can do for our city on a daily basis,” said Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, the council member responsible for vCOP. “Members of vCOP will be in attendance to answer questions and hopefully recruit a few more members. They have made an enormous contribution to the safety of our city and are an invaluable resource to Côte Saint-Luc,” said Councillor Nashen, who created the group eight years ago.

Côte Saint-Luc was the first city in Quebec to implement this neighbourhood-watch-on-wheels program in 2006. Similar programs have been established in communities throughout Canada and the United States.

vCOP Supervisors Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz

vCOP Supervisors Lewis Cohen and Susie Schwartz

CSL EMS volunteers – At the ready

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While Urgences Santé emergency medical technicians are set to go on strike tonight, Christmas Eve , Cote Saint-Luc volunteers will be manning our local Emergency Medical Services station round the clock.  CSL’s first responders will ensure there is no disruption when a 911 medical emergency happens in our town.

Ambulance is an essential service and therefore the strike is largely symbolic. Medics will likely wear army fatigues or jeans rather than their proper uniform and will plaster stickers across their ambulances.  Unprofessional to be sure and largely disrespectful of property paid for by the public. True, the vast majority of “paramedics” are wonderfully dedicated and very talented, but the union has a way of getting their way.

Nonetheless, Cote Saint-Luc volunteers are always ready and able, and look mighty fine at all times.  We’ve asked our volunteers to put in some extra time over the holidays and even to double up so multiple calls will be answered without delay.

You can help too.  If you’re baking or cooking why not prepare a couple more helpings and drop it off at the station with a bottle of coke – 8100 Cote Saint-Luc Road?  Our crews will be thrilled with the attention and the grub as they man the fort during Christmas and right through New Year’s Eve and Day.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity will be warmly appreciated.  Just ring the bell at the front door, and as long as they’re not out on a call you’ll see some pretty big smiles. (If they’re out you can leave it at the door.  It’ll stay cold!)

CSL EMS volunteers are highly skilled life savers.  Fully trained in-house, they are multilingual, young and energetic and  very happy to assist those in need.  So, thank a medic from CSL EMS when you see them next.  They’re on duty for you.

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