City purchases two stream receptacles

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In an attempt to provide City residents with the opportunity to sort their waste on the streets, twostream waste receptacles have been purchased to replace some old, tired and one stream cans that are around the City.
“We are hoping to clean up the streets and direct the right waste into the right bins. We received many requests for street recycling bins, as our residents like to run/walk/bike and then get thirsty and have nowhere to throw their bottles,” said Public Works director Bebe Newman.

City Council authorized the purchase of 120 receptacles, partially paid out of a provincial grant, that were installed at almost all bus stops throughout the City and at several other locations on main streets, at certain parks and public spaces (bordering the street).

“We have had strong and positive reaction from the public,” said Newman.

Council approved  the purchase of an additional 50 receptacles for the City at a recent public council meeting.


Brown bin relief on the way

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Many Cote Saint-Luc residents have been experiencing a frustrating time with their brown bins for the household composting program due to the lids cracking off.

Mayor Anthony Housefather announced at the December public council meeting this week that the manufacturer has agreed to an initial replacement of 500 bins.

The Mayor told resident Bernie Tonchin that the default was not due to the lifting system and that the manufacturer has indicated that there is a problem with the UV stabilization in the material causing the plastic to age much faster especially on the sun exposed areas.

The city wants to ensure that its curbside compost initiative continues to be a positive program, providing our residents with the opportunity to participate fully.  Therefore, staff is currently encouraging residents to have patience and advising them that new bins are on the way.

Councillors Dida Berku and Steven Erdelyi (both in red) join Mayor Anthony Housefather in launching the brown bin household composting program in 2008