Press Release

Housefather, Nashen, Brownstein and Kovac Announce Re-Election Bid for 2009

Housefather for re-election as Mayor; Nashen, Brownstein and Kovac for re-election to Council

L-R: Mitchell Brownstein, Anthomny Housefather, Ruth Kovac, Glenn J. Nashen

L-R: Mitchell Brownstein, Anthony Housefather, Ruth Kovac, Glenn J. Nashen

Cote Saint-Luc, September 6, 2009: With municipal elections for the City of Cote Saint-Luc scheduled for November 1, 2009, incumbent Mayor Anthony Housefather and incumbent Councillors Glenn J. Nashen, Mitchell Brownstein and Ruth Kovac have announced their intention to seek re-election to Council. The three councillors have supported each other since first elected in 1990 and have supported Housefather since teaming up during the demerger and ultimately winning back the city from the grips of mega-Montreal.

The group of four will run independent campaigns while supporting each other under the banner of “Proven and trusted leadership for the future”.

“Since being elected mayor in November 2005, I have been working with Glenn, Mitch and Ruth and all of city council to do what we said we would do in the demerger campaign and 2005 election campaign,” Housefather said. “These promises included expanding recycling and diversion of waste where we have moved from the back of the pack to leaders in the province, saving our outstanding Emergency Medical Services which we achieved through extensive effort and returning our services to pre-merger levels which we have been able to do through hard work and dedication. I am fortunate to work with an amazing team of councillors and staff who consistently amaze me with their innovative ideas and love for the City of Cote Saint-Luc,” said Housefather.

Housefather is Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs and General Counsel at Dialogic Corporation, a multinational technology company and has two law degrees from McGill University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Concordia University. Housefather, who introduced the system of providing each councillor with portfolios in Cote Saint-Luc retained the human resources, legal services and intergovernmental relations portfolios himself and served as Cote Saint-Luc’s representative to the agglomeration council and on the agglomeration’s Public Security Commission supervising the island wide police and fire department and emergency response plans. He has been a municipal councillor since 1994 and has also been a long time leader of Quebec’s English-speaking community and a leading advocate for Canadian federalism and minority language rights in the Province.

Nashen, Brownstein and Kovac have each served as municipal councillors for 15 years from 1990-2001 until the forced mergers and again over the past four years. They are outspoken councillors who excel in many areas of civic life. All forcefully defended the City of Cote Saint-Luc prior to, and during, the mergers and along with Housefather successfully led the demerger forces.


Glenn J. Nashen has been involved in the Emergency Medical Services for 30 years and worked for 17 years as an Emergency Medical Technician with Urgences Santé. He has been an ardent promoter for the legal recognition of Paramedics in Quebec. Nashen has served as the chair of Emergency Services and Emergency Preparedness for the City throughout his four terms and continued as co-chair, with Housefather, in the borough. During his first term he introduced the first bicycle helmet bylaw in Canada and helped launch the No-Smoking bylaw. He is an outspoken protector of green space and wants to launch bike paths in the next term.

“We have succeeded in rebuilding a strong and vibrant city with a new portfolio system that has invigorated Council’s active participation in every facet of civic life. Anthony, Ruth, Mitchell and I launched an unimaginable challenge in the Côte Saint-Luc demerger committee. There is no doubt that without this historic effort we would now be residents of the City of Montreal, never again realizing the full potential of leading our own city and programs,” said Nashen. “Not only did we save our city, but in this mandate, incredibly, I fought vigorously and we succeeded, against all odds, in saving our police station, our fire station and finally our renowned Emergency Medical Services!,” he added.

Nashen is particularly proud to have conceived of, and initiated, the CSL volunteer Citizens on Patrol program, now with 75 volunteers, two donated vehicles patrolling round the clock and supporting the professional and volunteer protection services. “vCOP is an added layer of protection for our residents, the only such service in Quebec, and of great benefit to the community,” Nashen said.

Nashen is director of Public Affairs and Communications for the Jewish General Hospital, and previously served in leadership roles for the English-speaking community as well as at Federation CJA. He is married to Dr. Judy Hagshi and has three children. He will run for re-election in district 6. Nashen’s blog is at


Mitchell Brownstein is a partner in the Law Firm Brownstein, Brownstein and Associates specializing in Immigration to Canada and International Trade, participating with the Prime Minister on many Team Canada Trade Missions around the world.

During Mr. Brownstein’s four terms in office he was actively involved in the expansion of the Or Hahayim Synagogue, the establishment of Hebrew Academy, helping Chabad find a home in our community, the naming of Yad Mordechai Crescent to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto, and the removal and replacement of the Hydro polls behind the homes on Sabin Avenue. He was chairman of Parkhaven Pool and the Railway Committee, and a member of the Town Planning Commission among others.

Mr. Brownstein put forth a Staying in Canada Unity resolution that was passed first in Cote Saint-Luc and then followed by more than 40 other municipalities in Quebec, which many believe was a contributing factor in the Government of Canada’s creation of the Clarity Act. During the merger, Brownstein continued to serve on the Culture, Recreation and Library Committee.

In the last four years Brownstein has been Councillor responsible for Public Works, the department with the largest budget whereby Cote Saint Luc is now considered leaders in the areas of waste management, water infrastructure management, road infrastructure management and Maisons Fleuris. As Pool Committee Chairperson he proposed the adoption of the FUN CARD allowing residents access to our facilities including, the arena, the pool, the gym, tennis courts and paddle boats. He has also co-chaired Winter Carnival, Canada Day and Volunteer Recognition nights.

Brownstein is married to Elaine Yagod and has two sons and a daughter. He will run for re-election in district 7.

Ruth Kovac works in administration at Kovac Industries. Ruth is a past President of the Auxiliary of Mount Sinai Hospital and a member of the Hospital Executive Committee and continues to coordinate the Annual Blood Donor Clinic. Kovac also serves as National Vice President of Maccabi Canada. She was a volunteer in the Emergency Medical Services and serves on the city’s Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Services, Finance and Audit Committees and Planning Advisory Committee. She also chaired Canada Day and 100th Anniversary Committees. As well, during the merger years she served in an advisory capacity on the Emergency Services Committee and also worked with Station 9 and the Cavendish Mall on the Annual Seniors Ball.

For the last four years Kovac was given responsibility for the Parks and Recreation portfolio and continues to serve on many City committees. Her brief presented to the Public Safety Commission was instrumental in saving our local Police Station 9.

“The demerger campaign was definitely a challenge that we faced head-on and never lost sight of our goal,” Kovac said. “Along with Mitchell, Glenn and Anthony, we were a formidable team and look forward to once again guiding our city in a positive, progressive and fiscally responsible direction,” she added.

Kovac is married to Peter and they have three children and three grandchildren. She will run for re-election in district 8.