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The 2017 Branchez-Vous brochure is now available!

The Innovative Vehicle Institute(IVI), in collaboration with the Gouvernement du Québec, is proud to present the 2017 Branchez-Vous brochure. You’ll find a wealth of relevant information, including a full list of available plug-in vehicles and a presentation of charging solutions that you can use. New this year: a section about the estimate cost of a plug-in vehicle. Take a look: you’ll be surprised to see how much you could save with an electric vehicle!

The IVI would like to thank the major partners of the event Branchez-Vous 2017, Ford and Hydro-Québec.

Branchez-Vous 2017 brochure : Download PDF


Electric buses rolling out this year

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The Société de transport de Montréal is launching technical trials – without passengers – for three vehicles on the 36 Monk line.

 Part of Montreal’s three-year $16.7 million City Mobility program, the trials will be followed by passenger service in the spring.

The Nova buses are equipped with four batteries powered by a quick-charging conduction system and boast a Quebec-designed powertrain system. Trials will assess the impacts of using quick-charging buses under real operating conditions, with regards to the transit experience for customers and drivers, planning and delivering bus service, maintenance and more. Trials will continue until the end of 2019.

“Our strategic plan calls for the purchase of 100 percent electric buses for all surface transit by 2025, within the limits of available technology,” said STM chair Philippe Schnobb, adding that two quick-charging stations have been installed at Angrignon bus terminus and Square Victoria, a slow charge installation in Lasalle and a first bus delivered to STM’s Lasalle garage.

City Mobility is financed by Quebec’s Transport Ministry and the STM, as well as support from Hydro-Quebec.

The Guide to Electric Vehicles: Everything you ever wanted to know about the electric car

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guide to electric cars


  • Electric driving: is it really greener?
  • Are electric cars really more expensive?
  • Can you use electric cars in the winter?

If you’ve been wondering about these questions and others about the EV, wonder no more. Former Quebec Environment Minister, Daniel Breton and Canadian Motosport Hall of Famer and Canada’s top automobile expert for 50 years, Jacques Duval answer these questions and much more.

The Guide to Electric, Hybrid and Fuel-Efficient Cars is surely the most definitive and complete go-to resource for EVs in North America, with special attention to Quebec winters. Eighty-five vehicles are reviewed along with everything you need to know about going electric. With more than 285 photos this is the only source anyone interested in exploring EVs will need to quench their thirst for information in the fast-growing segment of green transportation.

The guide, published by Juniper Publishing, is laid out in an easy to read format, covering one hundred percent Electric, Plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) or an electric car with a range extender, Hybrid battery, Energy efficient  and Hydrogen cars. The manual gives a clear and concise rating on everything ranging from greenhouse gas emissions, fuel consumption, smog rating and price.


The guide is interesting and entertaining to read looking back at EVs over the past two century (yes, the first EV actually dates back to the first half of the 1800s). It also takes a look at electric trams (Montreal was a leader dating back to the 1930s) and buses.

As a new EV owner I can attest to the usefulness of this guide and wish I had purchased a copy a year ago. For the uninitiated it can be a daunting task to figure out the new jargon and terminology around EVs. I don’t want to learn how to disassemble and rebuild a car, I only wanted to understand what I needed to know about buying a plug in. This book does the trick with ease.

What’s more, this is no industry rag or advertorial that paints a rosy picture on each and every car. Breton and Duval do a masterful job at spelling out the good, the bad and the ugly on each of the 85 vehicles they covered: What to consider and what to stay away from.

My new 2017 Chevy Volt parked in Westmount

My new 2017 Chevy Volt parked in Westmount

The authors also hand out medals for their top picks in each type of technology. Finally, there is a section detailing rebates, tax breaks, government benefits and shortcomings across the Canadian provinces and United States.

Thanks Daniel and Jacques for putting together an excellent resource guide. It was fun to read and I’m more knowledgeable o this exciting subject.

The Guide to Electric, Hybrid and Fuel-Efficient Cars is published by Juniper Publishing and available online and in store. I’ve seen it at Walmart. Ask for it at your public library or visit

CSL Public Works electric vehicle rolls into service

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CSL Public Works took delivery of its first electric vehicle, a Kia Soul, mid-November 2016 (Photo: Bebe Newman)

CSL Public Works took delivery of its first electric vehicle, a Kia Soul, mid-November 2016 (Photo: Bebe Newman)

The City of Cote Saint-Luc has taken delivery of its first all-electric vehicle. The KIA Soul will be used daily in the Public Works Department for some of its foremen.

So far it sports the CSL logo (as pictured above). Soon it will be striped similar to the CSL fleet, with a little flair to mark the significance of being an EV.
PW is currently charging the vehicle by 110v which can take up to 13 hours to charge, which is fine for overnight. The 240v charger will cut the time in half.
CSL Public Work's new electric vehicle plugges in to a standard 110v outlet for overnight parking. (Photo: Bebe Newman)

CSL Public Work’s new electric vehicle plugged in to a standard 110v outlet for overnight parking. (Photo: Bebe Newman)

The new EV cost the city $35,000 before taxes. Once you deduct the Quebec government rebate of $8,000 the vehicle comes in at $32,000 including all taxes.

As reported on this blog EV Charging Stations are on order for PW and the ACC. As well, next year we will add a station at City Hall.

And, as promised, I will continue to promote EVs for the City of CSL. Special thanks to PW Director Bebe Newman who supports the acquisition of EVs for the city as a sound management decision and an environmentally wise choice.

CSL looks to next electric vehicles


Polaris electric vehicle makes demo debut at CSL Public Works in November 2016

Polaris electric vehicle makes demo debut at CSL Public Works in November 2016


“Designed to travel along narrow pathways and tread upon soft terrain like park areas, Public Works is trying out Polaris Gem electric vehicle for one week to see if it meets our needs,” said Public Works director Bebe Newman. “I requested that Polaris lend us the Gem with the trailer and they complied.”
“We built the box on the back of the pickup to increase the potential to carry more volume. Together with the trailer, we are confident that the horticulture team will be able to use the vehicle effectively throughout their tasks,” Newman said. This vehicle can also be given to our parks clean up crew.
This vehicle can be charged overnight (6 hours to charge from empty) on 110 volts, a standard electrical outlet and will travel 60 km on a full charge. With a maximum speed of 45 km/h it is perfectly suited for municipal use.
As the City Councillor promoting EVs in our municipal fleet I will look forward to moving this resolution in the next few months.
Meanwhile, we await installation of EV charging stations at Public Works and at the Aquatic and Community Centre in the near future. The ACC station will be connected to the Electric Circuit at a cost of $1 per hour.

CSLers charged up to learn about Electric Vehicles

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Simon-Pierre Rioux at CSL Public Library talk on Electric Vehicles

Simon-Pierre Rioux at CSL Public Library talk on Electric Vehicles

Simon-Pierre Rioux, of the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association gave an informative and educational presentation last evening to a group of Cote Saint-Lucers interested in learning if the electric car is right for them. The introductory talk addressed the facts and misconceptions about electric cars and highlighted key benefits both to the environment and lifestyles.

Despite the heavy rain, the evening began with a display of Electric Vehicles (EV) in front of the City Hall / Library complex.  A Volt and a Spark, both Chevrolet EVs, were on display courtesy of the Gravel dealership located on Van Horne at Decarie. In addition, my Volt and Simon-Pierre’s Nissan Leaf were also on display.

The event was sponsored by the Cote Saint-Luc Public Library as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. The library also has a display of books and sources available to consult and for members to checkout on EVs, the greening of the environment and other related material.

I was very pleased to open the discussion in talking about my 25 year fascination with the EV leading up to my own acquisition almost four months ago. Also, I was proud to announce that the city has just purchased its very first EV and will soon be installing charging stations at the Aquatic and Community Centre, Public Works and City Hall.




This was the first time AVEQ has given an information session in English, with about 75 events organized each year. Simon-Pierre did a masterful job of walking the audience through every stage of EV-101, explaining the differences between Battery Electric Vehicles, Plug-In Extended Range, Hybrid and more. He debunked common misconceptions about the EV and explained how to determine which kind of vehicle is right for different kinds of consumers.


Simon-Pierre Rioux, Presient and Founder of the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association and CSL Councillor Glenn J. Nashen

Simon-Pierre Rioux, President and Founder of the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association and CSL Councillor Glenn J. Nashen

The AVEQ website is a great resource offering a tremendous amount of information on EVs, although some English content would be beneficial. As a volunteer based organization, expertly advocating and promoting EVs across Quebec, hopefully someone with a mastery of both languages can step up and offer some assistance.




Coincidentally this was a very exciting week for EV enthusiasts. First, the City of Montreal announced that the third edition of the FIA Formula E  (Electric) Championship will take place in Montreal on July 29 and 30, 2017. The urban race course will be set up around the CBC building in the East End and will include 14 curves over 2.75 km, and at specific points along the course, drivers will reach top speeds of 265 km/h. Formule E was created in 2014 by the Fédération internationale de l’automobile (FIA) to showcase the potential of electric car technology through motor vehicle sports. This third edition began in Hong Kong on October 9, 2016 and features 12 races in 10 cities on four continents.


Secondly, the Quebec National Assembly adopted Bill 104 last Wednesday aiming to promote the reduction of greenhouse gases through promotion of EVs. By 2020, 15% of cars sold in Quebec will have to be EV, or auto makers will face stiff fines.


Thank you to Simon Pierre and AVEQ as well as to Danielle Belanger and Janine West of the CSL Public Library for this most interesting evening.


The Electric Car : Is it right for you?

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Thursday, October 27 at 7 pm

Cote Saint-Luc City Hall and Public Library

5801 Cavendish Boulevard

Free Information Evening

Join Simon-Pierre Rioux, founder and president of the Quebec Electric Vehicle Association, for an introductory talk that addresses the facts and misconceptions about electric cars and highlights their key benefits both to the environment and your lifestyle.

Since 2013, AVEQ  has supported the transport electrification  in the province of Quebec. With its main partners, Intact Insurance and Nissan Canada, AVEQ organizes an impressive number of events promoting electromobility such as Branchez-Vous and the Rendez-vous Branchés.

AVEQ is a key player with more than 4,500 active members, 800 volunteers, 10 million visits to its website with 4,000 items in the daily news section.

Throughout the year, AVEQ holds different activities all over the province to inform people of the benefit of electric cars and even allow them to link up with local EV drivers in order to get their very own personalized test drive, through our volunteer EV owner program, “Match and Drive”.

AVEQ has also participated in several parliamentary committees to achieve its mission. It is  a key source for electromobility among Quebec media.

The evening will also feature a display of locally-owned EVs. Residents are invited to bring their EV for display in front of the City Hall / Library complex beginning at 6PM.

“This event is sponsored by the Cote Saint-Luc Public Library as part of its 50th anniversary celebration,” said Janine West, Library Director. “The library will have a display of books and sources available to consult and for members to checkout on EVs, the greening of the environment and other related material.”

“I’ve long promoted the EV movement politically, advocating for the City to purchase EVs and to install public charging stations,” said Councillor Glenn J. Nashen, who will host the October 27 event at City Hall and discuss local initiatives in the municipality. “I’ve also encouraged the Jewish General Hospital and CIUSSS West-Central Montreal network to install charging stations at each site. Some already have such installations, others will follow soon.”



“AVEQ has done an expert job and has been very active in organizing information sharing across Quebec in French,” Nashen said. “We have invited them to Cote Saint-Luc to provide information to the English-speaking community and we invite participation from across the region.”

“With a goal of 100,000 EVs on Quebec roads by 2020, all levels of government will have to do much more to move current numbers beyond the 8500 EVs in the province,” said Mayor Mitchell Brownstein. “Cote Saint-Luc is now stepping up to do its part and we encourage residents to join us on October 27 to become better informed on their options.”


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