Farewell District 6 Adieu


It is with a heavy heart and humility that I accept the decision of District 6 voters.

I have called David Tordjman to congratulate him on his victory in this district and to wish him well in working on behalf of the constituency and all Cote Saint-Lucers.

I wish to thank those who continued to place their trust and confidence in me by marking their ballot next to my name. I appreciate your intentions notwithstanding the outcome.

To my campaign volunteers and supporters, I am gratified by your devotion in joining me on this incredible journey. You’ve been by my side in lousy weather, knocking on almost 2000 doors, hanging posters late on rainy nights, distributing flyers and postcards and making hundreds of phone calls and much more. I cannot express enough thanks to you for your efforts, your time and encouragement.

I have my council family to thank for six wonderful terms in office in harmony, fraternity and mutual respect. Mitchell Brownstein and Ruth Kovac have been my pillars of support from the very beginning. I revel in their victories and wish them, and all those elected, and those who were defeated, all the best as they move forward.

Finally, my own family has been rooted in Cote Saint-Luc for a lifetime. My parents instilled in me and my brothers a deep love for community. My wife and children embraced my civic pride and made it their own. The love and support of my wife – an extraordinary campaign manager; and my children – loyal, enthusiastic and adorable campaigners, is beyond description. Having dedicated my entire adult life to community and volunteerism, my kids have only known that their father was away at meetings at City Hall very, very frequently. I’ve missed so much at home and will now be able to be there for my family far more often.

As my wife describes, my heart is in Cote Saint-Luc and Cote Saint-Luc is in my heart. And that will never change.

For proven and trusted leadership re-elect Glenn J. Nashen | Pour un leadership assuré et fiable réélisez Glenn J. Nashen

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LIVE election results – Résultats des élections : Nov. 5, 2017   20:00   8:00PM


Where & When To Vote | Où et quand voter

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Safer Cycling, a priority in CSL | Le cyclisme sécuritaire, un priorité

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Watch & Share: Safer cycling ranks high on my plans. I started the CSL Cycles route and lanes which I want to expand. I introduced the very first municipal helmet law in Canada!

Regarder et partager: Le cyclisme en sécuritaire occupe une place importante dans mes plans. J’ai lancé le program Cycle CSL. J’ai initié la toute première loi municipale sur le casque de vélo au Canada!

Watch and share: Here’s what they’re saying | Regardez et partagez: Voici ce qu’ils disent

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Watch and share: What do Dr. Mitch Shulman (CJAD and MUHC), fmr. Quebec Minister of Revenue Lawrence Bergman and Dr. Marc Afilalo (JGH) have to say about the Cote Saint-Luc elections?


Regardez et partagez: Le Dr Mitch Shulman (CJAD et CUSM), ancien ministre du Revenu du Québec, Lawrence Bergman, et le Dr Marc Afilalo (HGJ) se prononcent sur les élections à Côte Saint-Luc. Écoutez ce qu’ils ont à dire.


More comments by residents.

Preserving our past, educating our children | La Société historique de CSL: conserver et éduquer


Watch and share: The history of CSL goes way back. Cool to see old photos from our neighbourhood from the 50s and 60s. But fascinating to see photos from 80 and 100 years ago. I started the CSL Historical Society to collect photos and memorabilia that we can share online and in our CSL Public Library. Please send in your really old family shots on our streets and in our parks to Memories@CoteSaintLuc.org.

Regardez et partagez: Il est tellement intéressant de voir de vieilles photos de notre quartier des années 50 et 60. C’est fascinant de voir des photos daté de 80 et 100 ans. J’ai commencé la société historique de CSL pour recueillir des photos et des souvenirs que nous pouvons partager en ligne et dans notre bibliothèque. S’il vous plaît envoyez nous vos vieux photos de vos fammilles dans nos rues et nos parcs à Memories@CoteSaintLuc.org.

Kindness and Kompassion on Kildare

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Alan Murad and Gloria Stermer, happy residents on Kildare Road


Street by street, house by house: this is the best part of the campaign.

Having knocked on over 1500 doors during this campaign – each and every door in District 6 – the mood I detected is one of general happiness with the state of affairs in our beautiful city of Cote Saint-Luc. To be sure, many residents have comments, especially when I’ve encouraged them with leading questions to share their opinions aloud. And many were pleased to simply say they had no issues and that they were happy with their city services as is.

I’ve noted each and every issue and have already initiated my follow-up with city staff, the mayor and my fellow councillors, as I have always done in offering quick action and open dialogue with my constituents. Indeed, I’ve shared many of these issues right here on Nashen Notes, posting local issues on my blog and soliciting wider input from residents.

I trust that my constituents have benefited from my proven and trusted leadership. With the help of voters in District 6 on Sunday, I hope to continue to assist them with their issues with the same sense of leadership, pride and determination.

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