Large swath of CSL without power, trees down, after “micro-burst” sweeps Western Montreal

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City crews preparing to remove branches from trees that came down on Hudson north of CSL Rd.

The storm earlier today created havoc across many parts of Quebec. Areas hardest hit include the West End. Large trees, some over 200 years old were uprooted in NDG following the worst part of the storm that lasted one or two minutes.

In Cote Saint-Luc, many residents are still without power as midnight approaches. Many trees were knocked down.

I did a late night loop around Cote Saint-Luc to survey the situation and saw several Hydro Quebec crews working to restore power and city staff and volunteers ensuring our safety.
Councillor Steven Erdelyi said, “I was driving through my district and saw teams from Public Works, Public Security, vCOP and EMS out keeping the residents safe.”
“I saw our teams working in conjunction with Hydro, vCOP ensuring that streets were blocked off, crews removing trees and branches, foremen leading HQ to the site of downed lines and speaking to and reassuring residents. I saw Public Security agents putting flares down at key intersections to provide some light and EMS crews supporting the fire department to help frail residents going to their apartments on upper floors,” Erdelyi said.

Trees down on Hudson north of CSL Rd.

“A special thank you to John, Thierry, Laurence, Claude and Jordy (all of whom I saw in action tonight) for all your hard work and dedication,” Erdelyi added.
Said Mayor Brownstein, “Thank you all. You are truly amazing and appreciated very much.  You all make us very proud.  I have been receiving compliments for your great work by email from residents all evening.”
CSL has issued an overnight parking tolerance across the city due to ongoing power failures.
The CSL Tennis Club will be closed Wednesday as the power lines are down and some fences have been damaged.

Don’t leave your garage door opener remote in your car


There are reports across Canada including the Island of Montreal of thieves breaking into cars parked on driveways and using the garage door openers to access the home.

Please do not leave your garage door opener remote in your car when you park outside your home. Instead please get into the habit of bringing it inside with you. You can even buy small remotes that fit on a keychain to replace the one on your visor.

Every month Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol crews alert 20 or more residents that they have left their garage door open. Be sure to close yours.

Finally, remember to always close your garage when you’re not there and lock the door leading from your garage to your home. If you’re going away, consider disconnecting your automatic garage door opener from the power outlet.

Côte Saint-Luc is the safest city on the island with patrollers by police, Côte Saint-Luc Public Security, and volunteer Citizens on Patrol. Let’s keep it that way by making it harder on thieves.

If you notice any suspicious activity call 9-1-1 immediately.

CSL recognized by B’nai Brith for zero tolerance racism, anti-Semtism

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CJN | July 27, 2017 | Click to enlarge

CSL Trudeau Park overflows with Canada D’Eh pride

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Was I really in Cote Saint-Luc last night? Where else can one find a culturally diverse entertainment line-up, a homage to world-class leaders and artists, a gastronomical cornucopia, and a children’s wonderland all topped off by a spectacular fireworks and laser show in your own back-yard?

Beatles cover band Replay belts out classic 60s tunes at Canada Day 2017


The end of a beautiful rainbow: right here in CSL


The Buffalo Hat Dancers belted out traditional aboriginal chants, danced up a storm (literally) at Canada Day 2017. The rain started falling during their dance and ended when they were finished? Miracle? Maybe not.


Crowds were a plenty at Canada Day 2017


As co-chair of the event along with Councillor Ruth Kovac I was proud to add words of reconciliation during my address to the crowd in stating we were on the traditional territory of the Iroquois Nation. Ruth added native greetings as well.

The City of Cote Saint-Luc Council and Staff put on a show worthy of Canada’s Sesquicentennial. If you missed it here are some highlights:

The extraordinary, world-class Shalom Bloom Sculpture Garden is unveiled in Trudeau Park


The newly inaugurated Shalom Bloom Sculpture Garden can be enjoyed during a leisurely stroll through the park


Canada Day 2017 Fireworks and laser light show was spectacular

I must take this opportunity to give a shout out to the vCOP (volunteer Citizens on Patrol) squad, celebrating 11 years of invaluable service to our fine community. I launched this service with a dozen residents (most of whom are still going strong) and we’ve since grown to 92 amazing volunteers.

My vCOP team celebrates 11 years at Canada Day 2017. Assistant Supervisor for Events, Susie Schwartz, in black, took care of all coordination.


vCOP Supervisor Mitchell Herf patrols the park at Canada Day 2017 on electric scooter


Security and safety were top of mind last night and CSL EMS (Emergency Measures Services) and Public Security in conjunction with Police were out in full force ensuring that everyone felt safe and secure while enjoying the many varied activities and delights.

The volunteers from EMS are always full of pride in service to our community at Canada Day 2017


CSL Public Security was out in full force, under the watchful eye of Lt. Anthony Tsakon (left). Longtime patroller Scott Hunt joins me in this snapshot at Canada Day 2017


The Station 9 crew is back in blue, Celebrating Canada Day 2017 with our local police officers


Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson walks the beat with the new EMS mascot at Canada Day 2017


Public Security Agent Erwin Luden stands on guard for thee at Canada Day 2017


How fortunate we are to live in a vibrant community and a world-class metropolitan city all in a tolerant and generous country. Our residents seemed to share the same sentiment.


Such a lovely family: The Ullmans enjoy the festivities at Canada Day 2017


Food trucks abound at Canada Day 2017. From cheese treats to loads of lobster and everything in between. My wife, Judy Hagshi, prefers a good cheese (but where’s the wine?) at Canada Day 2017


Library Director Janine West and volunteer Carol Mindel join me at the CSL Historical Society booth. Old photos were on display. Volunteers and vintage pics are wanted!


MP Anthony Housefather had us chanting out C-A-N-A-D-A like our country was a Rockstar. Well, in that case I am a huge fan!

Jeff and Cheryl Nashen with their favourite MP, Anthony Housefather. Canada Day 2017


An honour to meet Wilem Dalaire, son of Canadian hero Lt. General Romeo Dalaire at Canada Day 2017



Wonderful, dedicated emcees Laurie Betito and Dan Laxer of CJAD 800


Ruth Kovac and I co-chaired this year’s Canada Day 2017 festivities in Cote Saint-Luc. Ruth, a Dutch immigrant, epitomizes the proud Canadian, and literally wears her Maple Leaf on her sleeve, and displays the Red an White all year long.

Judging from the smiles and cheers and the general good mod of the crowds pouring out of the park late at night a good time was had in celebrating Canada Day 150 in Cote Saint-Luc. Thank you to all the wonderful city staff headed by Nadia di Furia, Jonathan Shecter, Cornelia Ziga and Bebe Newman. Thanks as well to Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Councillor Ruth Kovac for their leadership.


See all the photos and videos here.

See Councillor Mike Cohen’s blog here.



Message to my constituents – Summer 2017 | Message à mes électeurs – été 2017

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Glenn J. Nashen
District 6
C’est toujours un honneur pour moi de servir les résidants du district 6 et toute la population de Côte Saint-Luc. La raison d’être de ma vie politique est de faire de CSL la plus sécuritaire des communautés et de faire en sorte que nos résidants soient heureux d’y vivre.
Nous accueillons les nombreux nouveaux résidants du district 6 dans les superbes maisons en rangée de Parkhaven Courtyard. Le maire Mitchell Brownstein et moi serons ravis de vous souhaiter la bienvenue à votre porte ce printemps. La dernière phase du projet sera bientôt déployée avec la construction de la tour d’appartements de prestige. Nous sommes heureux de pouvoir accueillir de jeunes familles dans des habitations modernes, souvent à proximité de leurs parents et de leur famille, au cœur de CSL – un véritable quartier familial !
Il y a onze ans, j’ai entrepris de mettre sur pied un nouveau groupe de bénévoles avec pour mission de patrouiller dans les rues, les parcs et les installations de la ville afin de renforcer le niveau de sécurité. Je tenais aussi à ce qu’ils soient disponible pour aider en cas d’urgences de grande envergure et pour donner un coup de main à nos résidants au besoin. Depuis ce temps, je dirige la Patrouille de citoyens bénévoles (vCOP), et à l’occasion je fais aussi une patrouille moi-même. Nous comptons maintenant plus de 80 bénévoles et notre patrouille dans les rues de la ville est sans précédent au Québec. Nous aidons lors des événements communautaires, nous vérifions les détecteurs de fumée dans les résidences, nous surveillons votre maison quand vous êtes en vacances, nous livrons des paniers de nourriture aux gens dans le besoin, et nous visiterons bientôt les personnes confinées à la maison. Merci à tous ces citoyens formidables qui s’engagent à faire leur part, ici à CSL, pour que notre communauté soit la plus sécuritaire de l’île. Pourquoi ne pas vous joindre à nous ? Vous trouverez plus d’information à
Cette année, je me suis donné comme objectif de mettre sur pied la Société historique de CSL pour que nous puissions conserver les récits et les images qui relatent notre évolution, d’un village rural du 19e siècle à la communauté de banlieue moderne et florissante d’aujourd’hui. Un petit groupe de bénévoles travaillent déjà sur nos premiers projets et je vous invite à y participer. Vous avez peut-être une vieille boîte de photos de la vie à CSL dans les années 50 et 60, ou possiblement un témoignage à partager sur les temps anciens dans nos quartiers. Veuillez contacter la directrice de la bibliothèque, Janine West, à ou au 514-485-6900.
Je suis fier de répondre à vos questions et à vos demandes et je fais de mon mieux, toujours avec enthousiasme, pour vous aider à trouver des réponses et des solutions aussi rapidement que possible. Depuis mon court mandat en tant que maire par intérim il y a un an et demi, j’ai entrepris de faire du porte-à-porte pour vous rencontrer en grand nombre. Je poursuis ma tournée, une rue après l’autre, mais je suis toujours disponible en ligne. Je vous invite à vous abonner à mon blogue, Nashen Notes, qui est une bonne ressource pour toute l’information locale à Vous pouvez me suivre aussi sur Facebook et Twitter ou me joindre au téléphone à l’hôtel de ville ou par courriel à
Le bonheur est d’avoir des voisins formidables !


Glenn J. Nashen
District 6
It continues to be my honour to serve the residents of District 6 and indeed all of Côte Saint-Luc. My goals of making CSL the safest community and our residents as happy as can be remains at the centre of my political life.
We welcome the many new residents of District 6 in the beautiful Parkhaven Courtyard townhouses. Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and I look forward to meeting you at your door this spring. Soon, the last phase of construction will focus of the upscale apartment tower. We are pleased to have modern housing to keep young families in the heart of CSL, many close to their parents and siblings — a real family development!
Eleven years ago I set out to create a new volunteer corps to patrol the city streets, parks and facilities in order to raise our level of safety. Furthermore, I designed it to be available to assist in large scale emergencies and to serve our residents in times of need. I have lead the volunteer Citizens on Patrol (vCOP) ever since (and occasionally I even do a patrol myself). We now number more than 80 volunteers and patrol CSL like no other group in Quebec. We help out at community events, verify smoke detectors in your homes, watch over your home while you’re vacationing, deliver food baskets to the needy and will soon make visits to shut-ins. My thanks to this amazing group of CSLers for doing their part to make us the safest community on the island. Please consider joining us. More information is at
This year I set my goal on establishing the CSL Historical Society so that we can collect the stories and images that make up our journey from a farming village in the 19th century to the thriving suburban community of today. We have a small group of volunteers working on our first projects and I invite you to participate. You may have an old box of photos of life in CSL back in the 50s and 60s, or perhaps you can share a testimonial about earlier times in our neighbourhoods. Please contact Janine West, Library Director at or 514-485-6900.
I pride myself in responding to you, my constituents, and in helping you to seek answers and solutions as quickly as possible. I’ve been making my way door-to-door trying to visit as many of you as possible since my brief term as Acting Mayor one-and-a-half years ago. While I continue block by block, I remain accessible online. Please subscribe to my blog, Nashen Notes, which is a great resource for local information at You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter or reach me by phone at City Hall or e-mail at
Happiness is having great neighbours!

vCOP grows to 92 on its 11th birthday

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Canada Day not only marks 150 years of Canada but also the 11th birthday of our city’s beloved volunteer Citizens on Patrol group. To mark the occasion the volunteer group that I began and continue to lead held its pre-summer BBQ last Tuesday evening at Trudeau Park.

City Councillors Ruth Kovac, Allan J. Levine and Sam Goldbloom joined me and Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, City Manager Nadia Di Furia, Public Works Director Bebe Newman and of course Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson and Manager Philip Chateauvert to thank the volunteers for their efforts and dedication.

Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen and Supervisor Mitchell Herf inaugurate the newest vCOP electric scooters

When I started this group I envisioned one day having 120 volunteers to ensure round the clock voluntary shift coverage. As we get closer to the 100 mark we see the highly marked vCOP vans patrolling at all times of day and night. With summer here, the electric scooter patrol is also out on the road and in our parks.

vCOP 10 year pins were presented to Jacques Berkowitz, Murray Brookman, Harvey Cherow, Martin Labow, Phil Lackman, Phil Mayman and Harvey B. Schwartz (Photo Sayed Sadir)

“I know that volunteering for vCOP makes you happy,” said Mayor Mitchell Brownstein. “It also makes our residents very happy, as you’re keeping a watchful eye on our streets, our homes, our parks and our kids, parents and grandparents. Thank you so much,” the mayor said.

Long service pins were handed out to those reaching five and ten years of service. Special mention goes out to Susie and Harvey C. Schwartz of Cavendish Boulevard and Allan Greenberg of Freud Avenue who signed up 10 years ago to the day, after they heard me promoting the fledgling group on CJAD.

Supervisor Susie Schwartz with husband/patroller Harvey

Special thanks to Susie Schwartz, Elaine Meunier, Philip Chateauvert, Phil Mayman, Marty Labow and Allan Bramson for organizing, setting up, cooking, schlepping and cleaning up. Well done folks! Thanks as well to Mark at Maxie’s in the Cavendish Mall for donating the fruit platter.

Most of all thank you to our loyal and eagle-eyed troupes who make themselves available throughout the day and night, at special events and at emergencies. You folks are tremendous and make our city so special.

vCOP 5 year pins were presented to Eric Goldapple, Helen Gwiazda, Issie Karpman, Roz Kastner, Peter Kurti and Robert Lefcort (Photo Sayed Sadir)

vCOP offers Vacation Spot Checks of your home while you’re away on summer vacation. Sign up here. To find out more about joining vCOP please visit our website.

B’nai Brith recognizes Cote Saint-Luc in fight against racism, anti-semtism, discrimination

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Bnai Brith senior leadership present a certificate recognizing Cote Saint-Luc’s Public Safety and Police efforts

“I am honoured to present a B’nai Brith Certificate of Recognition to the City of Cote Saint-Luc at the City Council meeting for their fight against racism, antisemitism and discrimination,” said Quebec Region Director Harvey Levine at last Monday night’s public council meeting.

Levine, brother of CSL Councillor Allan J. Levine, was accompanied by BBC leaders Eric Bissell and Ted Greenfield and made the presentation to Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and me, Police Commander Jean O’Malley, Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson and senior officers of the CSL volunteer Citizens on Patrol group.

The citation was a result of the B’nai Brith Canada and the League for Human Rights Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents. The Audit has been conducted every year since 1982, and is the result of close cooperation with the public, local police forces and other community organizations across the country. The Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents is more than just a snapshot of the intensity of incidents against the Jewish community; it serves as the barometer of the level of racism in Canada as a whole.

Levine stated that Cote Saint-Luc is the second largest Jewish community in Canada, after Thornhill, Ontario. Remarkably, Cote Saint-Luc did not register a single anti-semitic act in 2016, out of the 1728 incidents reported across Canada. Levine, singled out Cote Saint-Luc Public Security and vCOP along with Police Station 9 for their vigilance, surveillance and prevention work.

Mayor Mitchell Brownstein and Harvey Levine congratulated me for my leadership in Public Safety in Cote Saint-Luc, namely in creating and leading the vCOP group. This presentation was a total surprise and a great honour for me. I salute all of the great volunteers in vCOP along with the professionals in Public Security and Montreal Police Station 9. Thank you to our mayor, council and administration for their continued support of my public safety ideas and initiatives. And my utmost respect and appreciation goes to Harvey Levine and B’nai Brith Canada for their outstanding work on behalf of all Canadians.

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