Côte Saint-Luc proclaims April 23 to 29 as National Volunteer Week in the city


CSL residents Issie Karpman wins the 2015 vCOP Patroller of the Year Award

From April 23 to 29, 2017, the City of Côte Saint-Luc joins communities across Canada in celebrating the county’s 12.7 million volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

EMS volunteers (Class of 2013)

“Côte Saint-Luc is home is to more than 530 active volunteers,” Mayor Mitchell Brownstein said. “This includes our first responders at EMS, our vCOP patrollers, sports coaches and officials, actors and production staff of our Dramatic Society, and the many people who donate their time at the Côte Saint-Luc Library and the Parks and Recreation Department. Thank you to everyone who gives up their time to enrich the lives of people in Côte Saint-Luc.”

Cote saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol get together for a celebration of the longest serving members

In 2016, Côte Saint-Luc distributed 15 awards to its Volunteers of the Year. See the list and video at CoteSaintLuc.org/VolunteerAwards2016.
Côte Saint-Luc has proclaimed April 23 to 29 as National Volunteer Week in the city.

vCOP wants you!

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Looking to make a rewarding and fulfilling contribution to your community? Do you have at least six hours a month to an essential community service? Want to be surrounded by outgoing, friendly CSL residents who are committed to their city, generous with their time and looking forward to helping you succeed as a new recruit? Please join us on April 25. vCOP est un organisme communautaire et bilingue.

For more information search “vCOP” on this blog.

vCOP April Fools fools a few vCOPs

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Bravo to my friends and volunteer colleagues at Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol who pulled the wool over many eyes this past April 1st. As tradition would have it, a zany, outlandish information piece is sent out to members each April 1 describing some preposterous directive in the interest of “public safety”. This week’s dispatch did just that with several members getting quite excited about the “newest patrol” plan.  Way to go Lewis Cohen and Mitchell Herf, vCOP Senior Supervisors. I also shared this with my fellow City Council members and might have even got them wondering, if for just a second! Enjoy.



vCOP Patrols Take to The Skies

Posted: April 1, 2017


With over 10 years of success being the “eyes and ears” for Cote Saint-Luc’s emergency services, vCOP is always looking forward to advancing its capabilities further, in order to better serve the community. Beginning April 1, vCOP will start training a select number of its members to take to the skies in its first helicopter patrols.

At the core of these patrols will be a Bell 407GX, graciously donated (and refurbished for vCOP) by Bell Helicopter of Mirabel, QC. Since none of the vCOP members are qualified pilots, the helicopter -nicknamed “vCOPTER“- will be flown by a recently retired Canadian Armed Forces pilot who holds a valid Canadian commercial helicopter license. (He also lives in CSL and will be identified as an honourary vCOP.) He has over 5000 hrs. of experience with the Bell 407GX, mostly in a search and rescue role.


Completely refurbished 407GX awaiting vCOP decal installation

We expect the vCOPTER patrols to take to the skies 2-3 days per week (weather permitting), with each patrol lasting 1.5 hrs. A maximum of 3 vCOPs (in addition to the pilot) will be permitted aboard. A vCOP radio will also be permanently installed in the vCOPTER, as well as the usual equipment. One notable change will be the addition of a Laser Guided Air-Deployable Ejected Safety Cone (LGA-DESC). This smart device allows the pilot or vCOP to directly target and drop a safety cone from the vCOPTER and have it parachute down to the ground and place it exactly at the scene of an incident, such as an open manhole cover. In addition, vCOPs will be able to better see at night by using the vCOPTER’s built-in forward-looking infra-red (FLIR) camera system. Finally, with the knowledge that these helicopters may be obtrusive and noisy when operated at low altitudes in a bedroom community, Bell Helicopter has retrofitted the vCOPTER with its new “Whisper Mode” noise-cancellation technology. (“Whisper Mode” is currently being used on the US Air Force attack helicopter, the Bell ARH-70.) Bell has informed the City of Cote Saint-Luc that the vCOPTER will be as quiet as a Hoover vacuum cleaner heard at a distance of 100ft!

FLIR camera on bottom of vCOPTER
LGA-DESC dropping safety cone at night

Training will begin this month for vCOPS interested in participating in the vCOPTER patrols. The training sessions covers airborne observation techniques, safety procedures, LGA-DESC operation, FLIR usage and parachuting techniques. Binoculars, helmets and parachutes will be provided upon completion of the in-class and in-air training.(Members should contact supervisor Susie Schwartz with their helmet and parachute sizes.) Members who successfully complete the training program will additionally receive a unique LED vCOPTER badge for their uniform. All flights will originate from a helipad (currently under construction) on top of the ACC gymnasium. Note thatdue to the helicopter pilot being observant, there will be no vCOPTER patrols on the Sabbath or Jewish holidays.

When asked about the new vCOPTER program, Councilor Glenn Nashen enthusiastically noted, “For over 10 years, we have been well-known and appreciated as the ‘eyes and ears’ of Cote Saint-Luc’s Public Safety department. Now, I’m proud to say that we’ll be the ‘eyes and ears and wingsof the city, and add yet another innovative layer of security and watchfulness for the residents.”

For more information about the vCOPTER training program, please contact supervisor Mitchell Herf (mhherf@gmail.com).

vCOP spreads cheer, and shamrocks

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Hats off to Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol for their green spirit as they recently participated in the annual Montreal Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, the longest running St-Paddy’s parade in North America.

Thanks go out to Bea, Shimmy, Mark, Felice, Paul, Robert and Jeff for walking the extra mile in this iconic event that brings smiles to the faces of tens of thousands of Quebecers.

Our all-volunteer Emergency Medical Services first-responders also take part each and every year.


For more information or to join vCOP visit CoteSaintLuc.org/vCOP.

Public Safety initiatives keep our city safest all around


2016 was a great year for the Public Safety Department and each of its divisions.

Our EMS volunteers responded to 2,812 medical calls – providing lifesaving assistance to those in need –
and the volunteers provided more than 20,000 hours of service to the community. That is not counting
the additional hours that were spent in training and on administration.

Public Security answered 2,687 calls, not counting their regular patrol routine such as illegally parked cars,
patrols of local parks, visits to municipal buildings and more. In total, our agents wrote more than 8,500
parking tickets. I regularly mention that all of these tickets are completely avoidable. Don’t park in no parking zones!

2010-04-02 First vCOP Scooter Patrol 004

Our vCOP corp of volunteers were out in force as well, clocking in more than 7,000 hours of community service and an immeasurable number of open garage doors!

Our dispatch centre held it all together, answering 36,497 phone calls, on top of dispatching our EMS,
Public Security and vCOP resources all over town.

Glenn J. Nashen consults with the dispatcher in the CSL Emergency Communications Centre

Glenn J. Nashen consults with the dispatcher in the CSL Emergency Communications Centre

The Public Safety Department faced a number of emergency situations, including a number of fires, inclement weather storms, power outages and gas leaks.

Former Cote Saint-Luc Public Security officer Jean-Noel Champagne

Former Cote Saint-Luc Public Security officer Jean-Noel Champagne

There are a number of exciting projects in the works for 2017, including the return of Emergency Services
/ Public Safety Day after a six year absence.

Have you had any positive and memorable experiences with our Public Safety crews? Please share your comment.

vCOP wraps up its 10th season of keeping an eye on our town

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CSL Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, wife Elaine and Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen with the volunteer Citizens on Patrol, Dec. 6, 2016 (Photo CSL Communications)

CSL Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, wife Elaine and Cllr. Glenn J. Nashen with the volunteer Citizens on Patrol, Dec. 6, 2016 (Photo CSL Communications)


More than 50 members of Cote Saint-Luc volunteer Citizens on Patrol turned out for a festive dinner earlier this week to end their 10th season of patrolling the community and standing on guard for any emergency. The volunteers were thanked by Mayor Mitchell Brownstein for their devotion to the city in giving so much of their time and for patrolling thousands of hours.

We are like a big family, the mayor said, watching out and taking care of one another.

Greetings were also sent from Ottawa by Anthony Housefather, MP for Mount Royal, who, as Mayor of CSL, would always show up and personally thank each and every volunteer. David Birnbaum, MNA for D’Arcy McGee also sent his profound gratitude from Quebec City.

Patroller Ali was resented with the Rookie of the Year award. having arrived from Iran barely one year earlier Ali has become actively involved as a community volunteer while taking courses to recertify as a computer engineer. Thank you Ali!!

Patroller Ali was presented with the Rookie of the Year award by supervisors Mitchell Herf and Susie Schwartz. Having arrived from Iran barely one year earlier Ali has become actively involved as a community volunteer while taking courses to recertify as a computer engineer. Thank you Ali!!

Police Station 9 Commander Jean O’Malley took the time to personally salute the volunteer corps for helping to make CSL the safest city on the Island of Montreal. The commander said that he is very pleased with the performance of the group and how easily they interact with and support the local police officers in serving the residents of the city.

Several awards were handed out to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Jeff Smith was awarded the Top Patroller award for giving 448 hours of his time in patrolling the city in 2016. (And there are still three weeks left in the year. Go Jeff Go!).

Jeff Smith receives the 2016 vCOP Patroller of the Year award from supervisors Mitchell Herf and Susie Schwartz

Jeff Smith receives the 2016 vCOP Patroller of the Year award from supervisors Mitchell Herf and Susie Schwartz

Many thanks to the volunteer supervisors: Susie Schwartz, Elaine Meunier, Mitchell Herf and Lewis Cohen for doing the heavy lifting all year long. These four give so much energy and devotion to the group and we cannot thank them enough.

There are several Team Leaders and very active individuals to keep the wheels turning in all corners of vCOP, from recruitment and training to administration and fleet coordination. They are all prize volunteers and a few were singled out including Morris Stelcner for leading the Vacation Spot Check team, Sarah Brodsky, a mother of three who often patrols from midnight to 3:00AM, for taking charge of the new member integration and former business consultant and efficiency expert Bert Rabinovitch for heading up the Smoke Detector Brigade.

vCOP 2016 holidayparty4

Abe Miller leads the Fleet coordination team ensuring the proper equipping and maintenance on the group’s four minivans, electric scooters and mountain bikes.
Cookie and Bernie Band are the team’s statisticians, keeping dutiful records of every patrol, emergency call out and group meeting.
Cllr. Ruth Kovac and patroller husband Peter

Cllr. Ruth Kovac and patroller husband Peter

David Goldsmith is the man behind the monthly reports, tracking every activity, scheduled patrol and special event. These reports make their way to management and City Council to fully absorb the quantitative and qualitative impact of vCOP upon the community.
Elaine Meunier handles the online calendar. Almost all members book their shifts themselves, online. Finding a partner, choosing a time slot, looking ahead at special events could not be easier.
Thank you Morris Stelcner for launching the Vacation Spotchek Program

Team Leader Morris Stelcner, responsible for launching the Vacation Spot Check Program wins the 2016 Most Valuable Patroller Award for his leadership and dedication. Seen here with supervisors Mitchell Herf and Susie Schwartz.

Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson and Chief Philip Chateauvert are the professionals in the organization. They oversee and coordinate all safety resources in the city, namely Public Security, EMS, Emergency Communications, Disaster Readiness and vCOP. Many thanks to them for their leadership and support of our volunteer corps.

Many thanks to Pierre Brunet, the generous, civic-minded owner of McDonald’s franchises in the West-End including both CSL locations. McDonald’s graciously donated several door prizes for our volunteers. Next time you see a CSL vCOP enjoying a McCafé please walk over and thank them for serving their community.

Thank you again to all of our volunteers who generously contribute their time to the well-being and security of our city and its residents. They are all to be commended for all of their invaluable efforts.

vCOP logo

Heading south? vCOP will watch your home while you’re away

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If you’re bags are packed and your ready to go, you should ask a trusted neighbour or friend to do periodic spot checks of your home. You can also use the free Vacation Spot Check service from the Côte Saint-Luc Volunteer Citizens on Patrol, or vCOP.

The service is available to residents of single-family homes, semi-detached homes, duplexes and townhouses.


vCOP logo

Here’s how it works.

vCOP members will visit your home and check for signs of forced entry, like broken windows, open doors, or torn screens. If anything appears suspicious, public security and police are notified right away. And, a call is made to the contact number you leave us.

They’ll also remove flyers, circulars and newspapers from the front steps. They won’t take away your mail. You’ll need a trusted neighbour or friend for that, or you can ask Canada Post to hold your mail while you’re away.

If your side and back yards are accessible, the vCOP members will walk around you property and inspect those areas, too.

To sign up for this free service, complete this form.

As the founder of vCOP 10 years ago and City Councillor responsible for this incredible service I am so pleased to have these invaluable services rolled out to our residents. After a few months of Vacation Spot Check we have received positive feedback. A big thank you to our patrollers and to Team Leader Morris Stelcner for taking charge of this project.

For more information, email vcop@cotesaintluc.org or call 514-485-6800 ext. 5101.

vCOP_Nashen_La Presse_ 2015-11-02

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